Bring It Out


A person who already has an innate connection to the covenant still needs to perform the mitzvah of receiving a Bris, making his issue only technical at best.

In a certain sense we might see the true power of this connection specifically before he has performed the Bris; that the connection transcends the circumstantial fact that he has not physically performed it and that he is nevertheless inherently a member of the Bris waiting to bring it out.

In order to approach this quandary we first have to address a more overarching issue: what it the reason that we came down into the world? Our mission is to make this world suitable for the Almighty, but at the same time even before we refine the world it still had the potential to host this reality.

In a sense our work is redundant if not useless, G-d brought chaos to an originally idyllic situation and left it up to us mortal human beings to undo it, reverse the trend of chaos and bring it back to its ideal state. We can take this further, since even before the world was thrown into chaos with the Sin of the Tree of Knowledge it already was in a state of descent caused by the original Tzimtzum-a contraction of G-d’s presence in the context of creation. Our mission is to undo the effect of the Tzimtzum and with that to undo the chaos caused by the first sin as well.

However, we are not trying to affect anything new, our objective is to reveal that which was already there, either by bringing out the positivity or removing the layers of negativity blocking its revelation. By revealing what was already there we actualize the reality of divine unity that already permeates this world. By restoring the world’s peace we are actualizing the idealism that already exists, and by performing the Bris we are revealing the innate connection already forged.

Cosmically our role is to reveal the latent reality, and if we do not, the world is lacking and without a Bris our connection is lacking. Our role is only to bring out the connection, not to create it. This same idea applies to everything in our life, it is not sufficient not living a negative existence, we must actualize the positive. By actualizing the divine reality we send a message, that the Divine unity does not contradict a duplicitous world or tolerate it, but rather they are complimentary and that the divine unity is lacking so long as it is not complemented by the world.

Signing Off,

Rabbi Yehoshua Levin, Certified Mohel

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